As the official training program of Eglevsky Ballet and under the direction of Laszlo Berdo, EBTP promotes excellence and access to the art form of ballet through dance education with a goal of inspiring a life-long love of dance in every student.

Eglevsky Ballet offers training for all ages, from toddler to adult, and for all skill levels, from beginner to pre-professional.
Students are required to take a placement class to determine the appropriate level of training. Advancement through EBTP is based on many factors, including a student’s strength, physical development, effort, mastery of material, maturity, attendance record, and artistic development as assessed by her or his teacher(s) and the Artistic Director. We encourage all students to take as many classes as possible, which will expedite the learning and growth process.

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s dance education by observing their progress during our scheduled observation weeks.

Consultations are encouraged for new students to determine their most appropriate level.

EBTP tuitions are for classes from September – June.