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Founded by legendary New York City Ballet principal dancer Andre Eglevsky, one of the greatest dancers of his generation, Eglevsky Ballet has been bringing balletic artistry of the highest caliber to Long Island for over 50 years. Eglevsky Ballet has long been recognized as a prominent, professional company.

Eglevsky Ballet boasts a full-time professional training program in its state-of-the-art facility, an annual production of The Nutcracker, spring production, two summer intensives, master classes, performing opportunities, community outreach, and education.

Eglevsky Ballet provides professional caliber training for students of all ages and abilities. Classes are offered in ballet, pointe, modern, character, and Pilates, as well as pre-ballet for ages 2-5 and adult ballet.


Eglevsky Ballet’s mission is to enrich students and community through the disciplines of classical ballet.


Eglevsky Ballet’s vision is to preserve the rich 50-year history of our founding director by establishing a world-class company to enrich the cultural life of our region. Eglevsky Ballet desires to create an environment where students can thrive allowing for their further development beyond the classroom.


Honoring legacy; consideration of others’ opinions, ideas, and beliefs

The quality of being honest and fair

Consistent commitment to the pursuit of excellence

Training students to abide by a code of behavior with standards of professionalism

The ability to embrace personal failure in order to progress; accepting the lengthy process


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